What do I need to be able to provide my apartment manager as forms- living will etc. to be able to be her live in care giver? I'm on the lease but put self employed and waiting for my SSDI hearing in January. My manager was concerned about giving the owner's more information. So I'd like to know if there is a way for me to be her legal live in caregiver or ?

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Are you trying to be a caregiver for your Mom but need to live with her to do it? The owners probably just need something from a doctor saying Mom needs 24/7 care and you will be doing it. There is no way they need a living will. Its none of their business what your Mom wants in her final days.

We really need more info.
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dnaffzig, I am also confused by your question. You mention "my" apartment manager. Thus, I assume you are leasing an apartment. Does your Mom live with you or wants to live with you?

Or are your asking about living with your Mother, and your Mother is living in an apartment complex where it is age related or limited as per income? If that is the case, you need to ask Management what is required of you. Apartment complexes have their own requirements, and regulations.
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Who is “her”? And who is your“manager”, but you’re self employed? Case manager? Your question is difficult to understand. Please re-phrase.
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