Should I leave the agency? Manager is not asking my side. She wants to just remove me from the case.

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I agree, you need to find out what the problem is. It may be you are good at your job and they don't like that. Tell your Manager you can't correct what you don't know about. Don't get defensive if u find they are wrong. Keep professional but defend yourself. Say, I wasn't aware that I was doing it wrong or should do it that way. The worst thing is leaving your shift not finishing your part of the job. You don't leave things for the next shift.
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My Mom used an agency for her care for three months. The way these caregivers attacked each other beyond their backs was totally unreal! And they would tattle to me. Over. every. Little. Thing. When I spoke to management about it, I was told that there was a lot of competition over certain days/hours. Ultimately, only my Mom’s complaints (or mine) mattered. Is your patient aware of what’s going on?
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What are they saying? Eight people all complaining about you is a lot. I’d be examining my job performance honestly to see if changes need to be made. If you leave, you may not get a very good reference. I’d ask for a meeting with the manager to find out exactly what’s being said about you and what you might be able to do to rectify the situation.
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