I recently had a new caregiver start. Since then I noticed our Amazon Echo is ‘missing’. I used it as an intercom system at one point, but also would play music for her from it. We haven’t used it in a few weeks, so it was unplugged & under her hospital bed. Now when I went to use it again, it’s nowhere to be found. I have no proof, but I hate being suspicious & wondering what other items are ‘missing’ that I haven’t noticed. What do I do?

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You've been given some great advice, but I'll add my two cents since I've been in your position. First, ask if she knows where it is and then, if she's through an agency, I would call immediately and ask for a different caregiver. I have done this before. A reputable agency will gladly work with you - you should never feel uncomfortable with a caregiver. If she isn't with an agency, I would let her go asap and find a replacement.
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Just ask if she has seen it. That ur afraid Mom may have put it somewhere but you haven't been able to find it. I would make sure that money and anything important to you is hidden. Your Bedroom door is closed.
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Aren't echos attached to your account? Go in and disable it from ordering on your account while it's missing. As much as we buy on Amazon, I don't even open the emails they send to confirm. Someone could really do a number ordering things and sending them to the address where she works (which has been used before so it would not be caught by fraud detection).
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Ask the caregiver if she knows where it's got to.

Does she work though an agency? If she does. I WOULD FILE A COMPLAINT THROUGH THEM.
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