What must one absolutely do to screen an independent caregiver before hiring?

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I decided to go it alone and hire an independent caregiver. These are things I'm looking for:

Background check - local, state and federal
Drug Screening
Professional Liability Insurance
Driving Record
Job Application
CPR/First Aid training

I'm using a company that does all of this for me! They also find the caregiver and help with the interviewing process. Payroll and taxes is all taken care of too! I searched and searched and this seems to be the best way to go. The fee is WAY cheaper than any agency out there AND I get to choose the help! I'm so excited because I feel like Mom is going to get the best care. The company is called Lamplight Care Solutions and so far, they have been so extremely helpful. Best of luck to you!
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If you plan to pay over $600, your CPA needs to be involved as well so you can pay your part of employer taxes! I'd go with an agency just to avoid making my taxes more complex and to be able to have a ready backup in case the caregiver gets sick or does not work out.
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Interview the potential hiree.
Do a full background check on the potential employee.
Complete a contract.
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Uptohere, one thing to note when hiring an Independent Contractor, the patient [or POA] will need to purchase Workman's Comp insurance, just in case the caregiver gets hurt on the job, which can happen if there is any lifting of the patient involved.

When vetting a caregiver, also make sure they can give you proof that they had a TB test done within one calendar year, and that they had a flu shot during the past flu season. I had gone through an Agency to get a caregiver for my Dad and those things were also required of their caregivers.

One thing also equally important, the patient needs to be able to bond with the caregiver. The caregivers I had for my Dad [through an Agency] had similar backgrounds and the same sense of humor.... thus Dad was so happy with the caregivers he had :))
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I stopped in a local house of worship and asked if they knew of anyone who would serve as companion for my Mom. (This was the early stages of dementia and I was only looking for a few hours a day. ) They gave me the name of someone who turned out to be TERRIFIC. Honestly, I didn't even do a background check.
What I did do, was remove EVERY financial document and item of value (sentimental or financial) from Mom's apartment. I interviewed and then spent an entire time slot with them both. I showed the companion what I wanted her to do, lunch, a load of laundry, the complex and walking opportunities, etc. She worked out great.
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When i got a cna for my Mother . I didnt just want to go to an agency . I called our local Temple and asked if any of the members could recommend someone. I got 3 names . Two came in to interview. One had a folder of her resume, certificates and other recommendations and any local agencies she worked for . She interacted with my Mother well and was answering questions w/o problem .. The other came in with earbuds hanging from her ears. ( not a great sign ..I dont want my moms aid listening to anything but her ..she siad it was just in the car) but she barely interacted with my Mom .. I decided to do a credit/ background check and hired her. She was later instrumental at getting another nurses aide, who is great too. But yes use your gut too and dont hesitate to check them out
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surprise Jul 2018
Which did you hire, earbuds or certificates?
I’d ask for references for sure, but those can be fudged. You don’t get a real truthful idea of someone when they handpick the references they pass out to prospective employers. There are many “people search” websites on the internet and I’d spend the money to run the person’s name through one. Search the whole nine yards, every search they offer including criminal records. Call your local police department’s non-emergency number and see how you’d initiate a Bureau of Criminal Investigation report. You might even ask about fingerprinting. I was just a (grand)parent helper in my grandson’s preschool and I had to be fingerprinted and pay for a BCI report.

Trust your gut when you screen people. Make sure you have a Caregiver’s Agreement on board, ideally looked over by an attorney.
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