Companion care?

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Personal Companion or Personal Assistant gave it the ring of "upper class" that appealed to my clients.
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I completely agree am doing this is what I was asking so thank you for the answer.

I want to remain respectful when discussing services for the elderly, even when talking to friends. I do notice some demeaning words being used (for me, diapers is a good example, I prefer underwear.)

Now I am wondering what other words are considered to be disrespectful.

thank you for replying
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OldSailor Jul 19, 2018
Rehab and hospitals here seem to be using the term "protection"
”Caregiver” or “Companion” if you mean an individual. I don’t like the term “daycare” for adults because that brings to mind children. We always told my MIL she was going for “lunch” or her “day out”. If it’s in-home Care, say to the person, “Jane is coming over today for a visit!”

The last thing you want to do is call it babysitting. They aren’t babies even if they may act like babies. It’s like calling adult incontinence briefs “diapers” to their face. It’s insulting and demeaning to them. I call them “underwear”.
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