92, wonderful attitude, needs help getting up and down and dressing, bathing. My dad is 94 and is self sufficient however he can not lift her since she is 155 and he is about 100 pounds.

Karen, if a live-in caregiver will be taking care of 2 people who need help with getting around, meals, laundry, light housekeeping, doctor appointments, and probably nightly trips to the bathroom, that live-in caregiver will burn out very quickly.

Even if the caregiver is getting a room free, that caregiver would still need to be paid for the hours that she works. And your parents would need to purchase workman's comp insurance from their insurance carrier, just in case the live-in caregiver gets injured on the job. Hurting one's back from heavy lifting is common.

If your parents can budget for caregivers from an Agency who work 8 hour shifts, thus 3 shifts a day each with a different caregiver, you would be more apt to have caregivers who won't crash and burn as they get to go home, thus be refreshed for next days shift. If the caregivers are a good match, you can request the Agency to keep them on a regular schedule.
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To get someone who is insured and bonded and who has had a background check performed on them go through an agency. There are huge corporations like Visiting Angels and other companies who find caregivers for you (for a fee, I'm sure). But the best way, in my opinion, is to do some research on your own. Find a few nursing agencies in your area, read their reviews online, set up some interviews. When the caregivers start not every one is going to be a star. You will like some more than others. You may get a caregiver that you don't want back. All of that is normal. When you find some caregivers that fit well and whom your parents like book them for more shifts as soon as possible because caregivers work for more than 1 client at a time and any caregiver worth her salt will want a regular assignment, regular hours.
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on this website to the right of where I am typing is a search box. for your zip code. and then select in-home care.

I put in my zip. one that shows up is Home Instead.(not sure about other zips) I guess it will take some time and researching to find something that fits your needs

edit sorry I guess I don't have any real advice about choosing service. other than its probably important they are licensed insured and bonded etc.

also if there are any valuable items like jewelry etc. in the may feel better removing them. just in case. 
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