My husband thinks he doesn’t need a caregiver and I really would like to take a vacation. With his dementia he should not be alone. Any ideas?


He has extremely affected short term memory so he can not be responsible for managing his own meds and of course he should not be cooking. He will not do any ADLs without prompting. Y’all know how it goes. He says for me to go. (My best friend from childhoods only daughter is getting married) but he is adamant that he does not want or need a caregiver. Any ideas to get him to allow a caregiver?

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Great idea and suggestion, Jeanne.
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jeannegibbs Apr 28, 2018
This often worked with my husband. But it depends on how "reasonable" the dementia lets them be!
"The companion is for my peace of mind. You may not need it but I need to be sure you are safe. It is very generous of you to encourage me to go, and it would mean a lot to me to be at this wedding. But I need you to cooperate with having someone to stay with you so I can relax. Otherwise I can't go -- I'd worry too much."
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