I work in an INDEPENDENT senior living facility. Everyone here SHOULD be able to take care of all their needs themselves. We do have a few that get good home care help so they are able to live here longer. However, truth be told, a good 50% of our residents really should be in assisted living or even nursing homes. We cannot evict anyone unless they become a serious danger to themselves or others. Our biggest issue is that, as people age, they feel they don't need to bathe as often as they used to. One gentleman, in particular, is becoming quite offensive to be around. He wears the same clothing weeks on end without washing them and I have no idea how often he bathes...but I know it's not enough! He has no family to speak of so there is no one for us to consult with on this subject. He is quite capable of bathing himself. The only assistance he needs is a cane that he uses occasionally when he rides the bus because, "the bus is so unsteady" as he says. Our problem is, how do we approach him with this subject? We have had many residents come to us about him and want us to say something to him. He is a very social person and participates in most of our activities. Any suggestions?

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It all comes down to management IMO, I'm sure they do have the ability to evict problem residents - and no doubt a lack of cleanliness is offensive to other residents and quite possibly extends to the apartment itself - but that might hurt the bottom line.

(I might add that often just the threat of eviction can yield results, if even that doesn't work then there is probably dementia creeping in and they really should be in a higher level of care)
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