Grandma knows she leaks urine and will wear a pad. Unfortunatly she wears them too long. She is always worried about money, not that she needs to. I have purchased the full depends, she refuses to wear them. She will leak through the pad and into her pants often. She is prone to urinary tract infections. On top of this, I have a hard time getting her to shower. I am worried about her hygiene health.

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I agree with Jeanne -- just a little fib. I had to do that with Dad soooo many times bc he was terrified to spend a dime. I'd tell her I was paying for them, or some government agency is. And I'd add wipes into the mix. Gosh, how I wish could have afforded them when I had little ones.
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They also make adult wipes now (labelled "disposable adult wash cloths"), that don't smell like babies if you're not into that, lol. I just bought some yesterday. The drug store across the street sells 2 brands - Tena and a generic store brand. They're stocked right next to the Depends.  I also saw some on Amazon from Cottonelle.

I second the idea of buying a huge supply of pads or disposable underwear, and even saying they're covered by insurance.

Also, your grandma may not like the look or feel of the disposable underwear. Somebody asked a question yesterday about getting her husband to wear them. I searched and discovered this brand that claim to "sound, look, and feel" like real cotton underwear. There is a trial pack you can get for a few dollars to see if your grandma likes them. Sometimes it's just the idea of "adult diapers" that puts seniors off.

You might also want to check that thread out for the other ideas folks had about getting him to wear disposables

My mom refused to wear them even after she started having bowel incontinence problems as well. One day she leaked onto the (cream-coloured!) sofa, though, and I jumped on that as an opportunity to say, "It's time. You have to wear the Depends now." She was pretty embarrassed.

On that note, you might want to buy some disposable furniture/bed incontinence pads (and tell her they're covered as well).  I found them at my local drug store, too, and they're also on Amazon.

If she still won't do the disposable underwear, try the nighttime size of the pads.  I did that with mom for the longest time.

Might be worth getting some home support for the showers. I've found the home support ladies are MUCH better at gently badgering mom into a shower, and if mom is not up for it, they are good at giving her a very thorough sponge bath. They have tons of experience with reluctant/resistant old folks.
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loveforgrammy, for in-between baths, try Pampers Baby Wipes. They have a nice baby powder scent. Just remember don't throw it down the toilet.
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Poor Grammy. I think you do have cause for worry. If it is money that concerns her, could you convince her that insurance is now paying for the supplies? Buy a big supply and tell her insurance sent it, and would send more every month?
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