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Tips and advice for helping a senior with bathing, showering and maintaining personal hygiene.

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Bathing Articles

  • 6 Caregiver Tips for Convincing a Senior to Bathe

    A senior's refusal to bathe is a common source of frustration for countless caregivers. Experienced family caregivers share their best tips and suggestions for persuading an aging loved one to take a shower or bath.

  • Bathing Assistance: Our First Encounter with a Home Health Aide

    My husband with Alzheimer's hasn't showered in six weeks. The excuses for his refusal to bathe have become legendary. I hired a home health care worker to help with hygiene- here's how it went.

  • Bathing Tips and Techniques for Dementia Caregivers

    A common concern for dementia caregivers is a decline in their care recipients’ personal hygiene or an outright refusal to bathe. Use these tips to better understand difficult dementia behaviors and help your loved one stay clean and comfortable.

  • What to Do When a Senior Refuses to Bathe and Change Their Clothes

    When it comes to caring for the elderly, hygiene issues are surprisingly common. Determining why their personal hygiene habits have changed is the best way to devise a successful strategy for getting a senior to bathe and wear clean clothes.

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