Poor Hygiene in the Elderly

Self neglect; The inability to attend to personal needs or provide basic self care.

Poor Hygiene Articles

  • How to Persuade a Senior to Put on Clean Clothes

    The ability to dress and maintain hygiene are important activities of daily living (ADL) seniors lose the ability to accomplish. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ hands-on tips and suggestions for convincing a senior to put on clean clothes.

  • The Truth About “Old-People Smell”

    Many people believe that the odor that sometimes permeates seniors’ homes and elder care facilities is a result of poor hygiene, but it is actually a natural part of aging.

  • How to Convince a Senior to Wear Adult Diapers

    Pro Tip: The first step in winning this common incontinence battle is to strike the word “diaper” from your vocabulary.

  • What to Do When a Senior Refuses to Bathe and Change Their Clothes

    There are many reasons why a senior’s bathing habits and personal hygiene may decline as they age. Find the root of a senior's poor hygiene and remember that compromise may be the key to better personal care.

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