I am the vet and I need help for my husband. I was active duty May 1973 to July 1993. He needs to be in a nursing home because I am not able to care for him due to cancer.

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First, thank YOU for your service and sacrifices.

Second, have you registered with the VA yet for health care? Is there a VA hospital near you, or in your county is there a VA office with trained personnel? We went through the County office; it was closer and easier.

Third, as you register, you can also inquire about getting facility care for your husband. I think the first step though is to get him qualified for basic health care, then move into the facility care issue, but your service officer at a county VA office would have more information than I.

Mention your husband's cancer and the local county officer or service organizations might put a rush on the request.

I don't know whether the VA works with specific facilities but I believe it does. If so, while the qualification is in process, check them out, as not all facilities are decent or even good.

These are not easy areas for a nonvet, like me, to navigate. The American Legion and VFW have offices in the nearest VA hospital, and I was able to get more information from them.

Once your husband is registered for care, he'll be assigned to a team, which has a social worker as a member. Our social worker was invaluable for help, for my father as well as for me. She can be a helpful resource to you as well.

There's also a VA Caregiver's support function, with equally helpful people.

Give me a chance to find all my VA files and if I have more information I'll post back.
In the meantime, if you want help locating county offices, PM your State and County and I'll help with the research.

There's an AF man (reserve now, I think) who also publishes a newsletter for active duty and Veterans; I'll PM you the link if you're interested.

Also, the VA has its own newsletter which has become very helpful. If I recall correctly, at some point it addressed homebound care. It's good just to keep up on the latest methods of service.

Another resource for cancer issues is Gilda's Club. It's not for medical care; it's for emotional support for the whole family.

If this information doesn't help, let us know what specific issues you're focused on.

BTW, my father was AF as well - B-29 flight engineer. I'm SOOOO proud of him!
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Ladyvet, I came across this article here on Aging Care that I hope has some information you can use:

Also found this Article here:
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