Dad died earlier in the year. My mom has never driven, and so since my dads passing (still hard to say that, let alone realize it) I go over there to drive her on errands using their car.

It is now time to renew insurance, and their current insurance company says she cannot insure it as she doesn't drive, we would have to transfer the car to my name and I would insure it. We don't want to do that. We called one of those companies you see on TV with the frog or whatever it is, and they say that there is a thing called a caretaker policy for just this situation, where a person who is not the owner or resides in the home where car is is the primary driver. I have the frog company for my insurance and really did save a lot, but the quote here is not really much of a savings. Furthermore, as my moms home, auto, etc, is all under one, if she doesn't do all in one the rates on the home go up. But I guess that is not the point.

Any others who drive an elderly parent around in THEIR car, and how is that insured?

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My mom’s car is insured with State Farm. She hasn’t driven in four years. One of her caregivers is listed as the main driver, but they all drive it.
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The insurance company should be able to add you and all other drivers to the policy. If they refuse find out why they not able to add.
If you have an insurance broker you work with on your own account ask for advice from them.
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Perhaps the original insurance company was trying to explain that the name on the registration has to be a living person, as it is a contract.

Call them back and ask how to get the car transferred into Mum’s name. Once that is done, she should be able to insure it with you listed as the primary driver.

If Dad had a seniors discount, it is likely the rates will be higher.
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Karsten, when my parents could no longer drive, it was quite easy to renew their car insurance..... I talked with the insurance carrier [State Farm] saying that I am now the "main driver" of their vehicle and my parents no longer drive. I and my parents had been with this carrier a total of 40 some years, so the carrier knew us quite well, as my Dad liked to hand carry the check for renewal and chat with the owner.

I do realize that each insurance carrier may do things differently depending on State regulations.
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First, if Mom needs Medicaid within the next five years, transferring the car to you is a no no.

I have never heard of a car not being insured because a person owning it doesn't drive. I would think they could put you on as a driver. We have allstate. Husbands name is on title to daughters car. She no longer lives with us but she is down as the main driver. We were told it didn't matter where the car was for her to stay on our insurance. You have kids who are away at College on parents insurance.

Check and see if you can be put on the insurance as the driver. She can't get it registered unless its insured.
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