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Medicare is the same in every state because its Federal. Medicaid receives Federal funds but each state has their own rules.

Medicare is a health insurance. The only time it pays for care is if u go into rehab and then only 20days at 100%. 21 to 100 days 50%.

You can try Medicaid for in home care. In PA there are agencies that will train and hire a family member to care for a LO. It probably has to do with income on the part of the person needing the service.
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Medicare pays nothing for family caregivers in Texas unless you provide skilled Medical care. Medicaid may pay in certain situations, but you have to qualify, it’s not 24/7 or with benefits in TX, and will be taxable income to caregiver. Does patient qualify for Medicaid? How many hours are you looking to get paid? It will not be high pay and there may be a waiting list for programs in your area.
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Medicare generally does not pay family caregivers. Some Medicare supplemental policies allow for a few hours a month. Some states Medicaid plans allow for a waiver for a few hours at about $12.00 per hours. Most family caregivers who get paid are paid out of the family’s own savings.
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