My son is my caregiver and can't hold down a job due to the amount of time it takes to care for me.

First, see if you qualify for Medicaid Homecare. You can try Office of Aging to see what resources they may have. Do you have any money put aside? Maybe a nice Assisted living.
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You are harming your son. Each year that he does not work affects his social security in his retirement. Also he has to live off of your income. Can you both live off of it? Have you looked into Medicaid to at least provide some time off for him? Have you called your local social services to see what is available for you? Is it possible for you to go to daycare so that he can hold down a job?
Usually the most common question is how caregivers can get paid for caregiving.
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Unfortunately, the vast majority of family caregivers are not paid. Those seniors who are lucky enough pay their family members themselves.

There might be a state program with Medicaid to pay a small amount....but, it would likely only be a few hours a week...not enough to live on.

like so many of us, he will probably have to get a job, even if it is parttime.
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