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It would be wonderful if we, as family could be paid for caregiving for our loved ones. I have only heard of some Veteran’s programs that may pay—something called Aid and Attendance. For us who never served, there isn’t much. When I researched this, I googled “paid for caregiving” and fell into the right website. You plugged in things like your income, home state, some personal details, etc. and were advised of what programs your state offers. I discovered I could be paid $40 a week for 24/7, 365 care of my husband. They recommended a reverse mortgage which to me was like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Medicaid, if you qualify, may offer some help. But again, probably not much. State regulations don’t vary that much. No one has ever posted on this board as a family caregiver and said they’re getting paid anything for caregiving from the government.

Its a sad state of affairs especially for those people who have quit their jobs to care for a loved one. And it sure as heck isn’t fair.
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Having only one person to be your caregiver 24/7 is not a good idea, and is not sustainable. If you qualify for outsde help to come in, (such as Medicaid), bring in caregivers, yes.
As far as your husband being paid to care for you, I do not have the correct answer for you yet. How old is your husband, does he have a bad back or other medical challenges, and does he want to do this?
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