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If someone is considered permanently disabled and is receiving disability (SSI), can they still enter into a caregiving agreement and be compensated for the care they offer to elder relatives? Would there just need to be limits on the income to avoid jeopardizing their own benefits? Assuming they are capable of providing service, that is. Thanks for any info!

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SSI and SSD are two different things. What type of disability. For a person with no limits taking care of two people is overwhelming,
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janeinspain Dec 11, 2018
Thanks JoAnn, not sure the type, if physical or mental or both. And I agree, caregiving is an enormous challenge for even the most capable. This was a recent finding that sheds some new light on why my family situation has been so difficult. I’ll look into the different types of support. Thank you.
If they are on SSDI, then yes there are income limits. If you earn more then $1180 a month, your SSDI benefits will be impacted.
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Bumping this up. It's an interesting question and I hope someone has some insights for you.
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