My dad has an awful fall last weekend breaking both sides of his jaw the surgical team haven’t given advice on diet. Advice please ? I’m really concerned that he isn’t getting enough nutrients.

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There are many sites that give suggestions for a soft diet - after dental work or wisdom tooth removal, bariatric surgery, or for those with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties).

The advice I always give is that although almost anything can be pureed first offer foods that don't seem too weird - oatmeal, creamed soups, mashed potatoes (you can mix in other veggies), lots of dairy and eggs, puddings and custards, ethnic favourites like refried beans or dahl, milkshakes and smoothies. Protein powders are great, and supplements like boost and ensure can add a lot of calories.
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Cauliflower and broccoli do well when pureed. Fruit in a cup with juice instead of syrup. I had to have half my jaw replaced last year after a failed root canal. I have a plate and 4 screws there now. Those are things I ate. Yogurt also is easy on the jaw. There are flavored ones with reduced amounts of sugar. As I write this more choices come to mind. Oatmeal would also be good. Maybe you could be more specific as to what you feel is causing issues with his diet. I had difficulty with salads for awhile but now more than 6 months out I can enjoy them again. Anything chewy would not be advisable.
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Has he had surgery yet, or will he? This is an important factor, as well as how the jaws are treated. E.g., when I broke mine, I had my jaw surgically repaired, teeth wired together, and restrictions limited to soft foods for 6 weeks. I also had root canals on the damaged teeth, and no brushing allowed for those 6 weeks.

If he has similar treatment, he might also have to be on soft foods, no brushing, gargling instead, and possible restoration if the teeth were affected.

If he's already had surgery, there should be a follow-up visit, and the team has an obligation to provide instructions on post-surgical recovery. I would contact the operating surgeon first thing on Tuesday and raise the issue. If he/she doesn't have instructions, I'd ask why not.

If he can't eat foods, ask what level of dysphagia diet he should follow to get his nutrients. He's not dysphagic, but avoiding hard to chew foods is similar to dysphagia in some ways, and those diets could be models.

One food I would warn again: pureed potato salad. Being a salad lover, I pureed my salads. I couldn't even eat all that mush.

I think it's standard medical treatment for post surgery advice to be provided. The team failed to follow through, it seems.
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Doctor Internet says that all the real doctors are busy, so follow this advice:

"You will need to follow a soft diet as you recover from a dislocated or broken jaw."
A soft diet that includes the following can be easy to chew:
canned meat.
well-cooked pasta.
well-cooked rice.
canned fruit.

Or, put needed nutrients in a smoothie with a straw.

Can you imagine a hot dog in a blender for the holiday? 🥤
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cwillie May 2020
So.... they really did this at mom's nursing home. Yeah, I thought that too when I saw it 😲
Ensure for one. Milkshakes, soft foods?
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You need to demand that they help you understand how to feed him.

Call his PCP and the surgeons, send letters and email and be very specific about what they have not provided to ensure his wellbeing and recovery. Keep calling until you get the answers about his care. Make yourself a pain that needs to be addressed and dealt with.
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