Falls and Seniors

Practical tips, and advice for seniors experiencing an increase in falls. Get help and recommendations from other caregivers coping with a senior's decreased mobility and loss of balance.

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  • Fear of Falling May Cause Depression in Older Adults

    A fear of falling can cause seniors to become anxious, withdrawn, and depressed. With some fall prevention efforts, a caregiver and senior can work together to more comfortably continue outside activities.

  • 12 Medications That Increase Fall Risk in Older Adults

    While fall prevention efforts tend to focus on minimizing environmental hazards and improving mobility, another important contributing factor is often overlooked: prescription and over-the-counter medications.

  • How to Safely Pick a Loved One (or Yourself) Up After a Fall

    Falls are a common occurrence for seniors, so it’s important to know what to do after one occurs. Use these tips to get your elderly loved one back on their feet again without hurting them or yourself in the process.

  • The Number One Thing That Causes Senior Falls

    Trips and slips are the usual suspects when identifying fall risks, but research demonstrates that most elderly falls occur simply due to unsteadiness or loss of balance.

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