Did I do the right thing? As written before mom thinks she is constipated but is not. Last night she had a mild laxative tea before bed time, but around 5AM this morning she got up and was going to take prune juice AND a suppository at the same time. I stopped her from taking both together pluse she had in her the laxative tea from the night before. She didn't believe me that she had a bowel movement the day before where he even showed it to me. Caused an argument but I couldn't let her do that to herself - laxative tea, prune juice and suppository all within a few hours. Did I do the right thing?

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Good Lord sounds like u dodged a storm(in the most literal sense lol) put all laxatives up as I'm sure u don't want to be scrubbing poop out of the carpet,her clothes,the walls,etc and why is she so concerned about her bm? Like barb says maybe she needs meds.
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Willy, why does your mom have access to prune juice and suppositories? Put them where she can't get them.

Have you asked her Dr.for anxiety meds?
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I think so. It is best to go along with their misconceptions, but not if it could cause harm.
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