I live in New Jersey. I am DPOA and primary health care proxy for my dear 90 year old friend who lives in CT. I am in the process of updating his legal documents. I am the first and last decision maker for all issues.

There are three friends who go above and beyond to help him. I trust them to act in his best interest. They take him to doctor's appointments and will be on site for any medical emergency.

How should the health care documents be crafted so medical issues can be shared with them. Again, decisions will be mine, but the doctors have to be able to share his medical information with them.

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Like Joann said, you can’t give the friends POA. You can’t give them any decision making powers, only your friend can do that if he/she is still competent.
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You cannot assign additional POAs. Only ur friend can do that.

Not sure HIPPA is paperwork you can carry around. Not sure if u as a POA have the right to make the decision who hears about friends health.
Usually, I sign a HIPPA form when entering a hospital or going to a new doctor.
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Share info? Update HIPAA. Can’t decide but can hear info
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