Has been in and out of intensive care for 3 months. Has congestive heart failure but cannot treat yet. Had a series of infections and intestinal bleeding. All they seem to do is perform tests and if “fix” one thing something else occurs. Contracted MSRA during one hospital stay, then got lung infection, line put in to drain that, line in to drain intestinal bleeding, now they want to put tube in to feed him directly into his stomach. (already had tube down throat and one down nose). The other problem I’m having is the doctors treating him do not return calls. I have his medical durable power of attorney for end of life decisions, but now they are calling me to give ok on treatment , because he no longer can. Frustrated and confused. Is there not some sort of patient representative between hospital esp doctors and family to better explain his health outlook ?

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Is there any way you can take a trip there?

All those months in the in the hospital are surely hard on your brother and a visit would probably lift his spirits.

Making medical decisions must be really stressful from a distance. Does he have any family present that can visit him in the hospital and give you impartial feedback?

You can hire an independent patient advocate. I would also talk to his assigned hospital social worker.

Tell the social worker that the doctors are not returning your calls. Follow this up with a hospital administrator (by phone first, then in writing).
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Call the hospital tomorrow morning and ask to speak to the Patient's Advocate Department.
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