I live in the Washington DC area, and my grandma lives in El Paso, Texas. Her neurologist has told her she is no longer able to drive, and that she can't go for walks by herself anymore. She's been diagnosed with dementia, she also has arthritis, osteoporosis, and has had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in the past.

She is a widow, and has been for 24, almost 25 years. Her husband was in the military and she receives Tricare benefits. But she is lonely, and needs help going to appointments, getting groceries, etc.

I'm curious what services would be available to her? Are they income based? Would she have to pay anything?

Any information to get started would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Just curious, where are her children? Because they should be finding resources for her.

Her county should have an Office of Aging. You may want to ask if they can evaluate Gmas situation. They maybe able to help her with some things and point her in the direction of others. Yes, services maybe income based. Its called a sliding scale.

I would recommend that someone obtain POA for finances and medical. These are a big help when Gma can no longer do for herself. I would not recommend you, It needs to be someone closer to where she lives.
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