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First, you have filled in your profile. Where does Mum live? Do you have POA, etc set up?

You can make an appointment for her, but you cannot force her to go.

Many years ago when I worked for the Podiatrists, there was an elderly woman who was very, very private. Her dil brought her to the appointments which were 6-8 weeks apart. The older lady had a large dark patch on her face, between two visits it had grown considerably. I commented on it to the dil. Because she saw her mil daily, she had not really noticed how much bigger it was. She said her mil hated to go to the doctor and she did not know how to get her there.

I suggested calling the doctor's clinic and asking them to contact her mil for a check up as it had been awhile. The mil went because the 'doctor' had requested it. It was skin cancer and it was removed before the next visit to the podiatrist.

If you make an appointment for your mother, please do not tell her it is to test her memory. She may balk at that. Just mention that it is for a general check up and plan on a nice activity after the appointment. Lunch, a visit to a beautiful garden etc., that will be her reward for going to the appointment.
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