Can you get free adult pull ups? -

Can you get free adult pull ups?


I received some in July did not get any paper work with it and have no idea where they came from

I was told that United Health Care would pay for part if doctor signed off.

My mother needs them. Any suggestions?



Idk of any freebies, but the thrift stores often have them really cheap, in plain, clear, unmarked plastic bags.
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In my city, there is a non profit which people can drop off unopen baby and elderly supplies which they redistribute to those who need them. You could check into a program like that.
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There was one top tier retiree program with United Healthcare that would pay. My mom had it thru my dad’s AT&T retirement. But those programs expired in maybe 2016 right before my mom died. After she had urinary tract surgery in 2012 they always paid for hers. Her doctor wrote a script to the Express Scripts -mail order pharmacy and two full cases were delivered to the house every month. No co-pays. Her type of policy was deemed “unfair” by Congress during healthcare negotiations because all Bell System retirees were not given the same healthcare programs.
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I’ve only heard of incontinence supplies being paid for if you are on Medicaid. My husband has UHC Part D and I’ve never heard of them paying for incontinence supplies. You can call her doctor and ask, but I don’t think they will pay. specifically states that they don’t pay for incontinence supplies.
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