Dad has joked a few times about needing nappies sooner than later. He had a massive stroke 3 years ago and they were used on him while in the hospital and in rehab. So he does have some experience with them.

He dribbles and a couple recent events have lead me to believe it is happening more frequently and perhaps at night.

I know there are many different products on the market, but am looking for advice from those who have used the products. He is one of the only men I know who uses his fly instead of pulling down his underwear, so he will have to get used to that.

I did suggest putting a sanitary napkin in the front of his knickers to catch the drips, but he is more comfortable wearing something for 'men'. Dad is pretty independent, but his joking about incontinence with me is a sign that he needs extra protection.

So what sort of pull up, with front absorbency would you recommend? We are in Canada if that makes a difference.

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I got my dad the Sam's club brand, he tried the really expensive brands, the brands skilled nursing used and he like Sam's best. No irritating plastic, all the latest technology included, never a leak.

I recommend them to everyone.

Im glad your dad has a sense of humor about being leaky, makes it so much easier.
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Adult incontinence products (please don’t refer to them as “nappies” or “diapers” to him. Trust me, this embarrasses him.) are pretty much the same unless you invest in the really costly ones like Abena. We can not afford those. I recently purchased “overnights” for Hubby and those are actually pretty good. They’re some store-brand.

You can try the male guards which look like sanitary pads but have a “gel” inside them to hold urine. You and he will know when it’s time for the full-on briefs. If Dad can still get them on, the pull-on ones are fine. Most brands have male and female versions. My husband is bedridden, so when We have the money I buy the ones that have Velcro tab closures which are flat and easier for me to put on him.

If Dad is having issues, he may want to see his urologist.
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Tothill Jul 2018
Thank you to both Ahmijoy and CW.

I will look into ‘guards’ for him.

Dad is the one using the word nappies.
There are 'guards" for men if you don't want to go with a full pull up style product. Sorry I don't know anyone who has tried them, I wish they had been more readily available when my father had prostate troubles way back when.
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