Dad has starting wearing Depends recently. Won't take them or pants off to use the toilet. He will sit on the toilet with them on. How do we encourage him to remove them? Or just have him go and then change/clean him after?

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Wally, my mom is with him in the bathroom. She tells him to drop his drawers and he refuses. He's wearing sweatpants that are already have falling off. 😂
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Oh dear
I haven’t heard of this one. I suppose I would just put him in the shower afterwards.
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are you able to see him get up from his chair/bed (or?) and head to the bathroom?

sounds like he needs assistance if you want him to sit bare bottom.

if he has dementia, you wont be able to encourage him. because he wont remember for the next time.

is he wearing pants that are easy to pull down. as in elastic waist pants?
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