Age 75. I may be evicted by the owner.

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Alice, when you say "all sorts of pads" - where are you getting these? And are they continence care pads, specifically, or are you improvising with feminine sanitary products?

The materials used in these two types of pad are completely different from one another, so it is important to use one for continence protection. The classic brands are ones like Tena Lady, if that helps.

Also, go back to your doctor. You may not want to share the information with us, that's fine; but depending on what is causing this complete loss of control (which must be very upsetting and worrying for you) the doctor needs to think again about how to help you.

Meanwhile, try not to panic about the bed and the floor. It may cost a bit, but rather than try to deal with it yourself go to your landlord and offer to pay for professional drying and cleaning. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT and not something you can help; it would be unreasonable and unkind for anyone to give you a hard time about it.
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Alice, I am dealing with this with my hubby. You say you are “caring for someone”, so I’m going to assume this is who you are talking about.

My husband’s incontinence is so heavy that he has actually rotted through our floor boards. There is a hole in the floor by his bed. I can change him and a few hours later, the bed is wet again. I am seriously considering asking his doctor if he can be catheterized. He has what I call a “pee rash”, which look like blisters, from under his left arm and all the way down to the thigh area.

If this person you are caring for isn’t wearing adult incontinence products (diapers) they certainly need to be. I use heavy duty ones on my husband and also use a pad/shield inside the diaper. I put two disposable bed pads under him and even put a bed pad on the floor. He is still wet but at least the floor remains reasonably dry.
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We might need more details to answer this. Is this question about you or someone you are caring for?

Have you tried using disposable incontinence underwear? Some of the styles are quite a lot like regular underwear now, and there are versions meant for "overnight."  What about putting underpads on the bed and floor?
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