My husband has been in my care of 2 years minimum after suffering from alcoholism, sever depression, Parkinson symptoms, due to alcohol abuse, anxiety and fear of me leaving him. APS reported me after he thought I took him to ER and left him. Law enforcement investigated and denied any abuse and he was released to go home.

Continued odd behavior ended up in a mental ward of St Joseph hospital.

They administered a med that caused adverse reactions.

I was then re-approached by APS. I advised that my husband had been displaying signs of dementia and the officier determined NO EVIDENCE of Abuse. She then said in a very angry voice and demeaning "I will be the judge of that and I can make you lose your job." Being a flight attendant for 34 years I felt threatened.

July 5 th I stated to the attending Dr, I see they had him on seroquel and he was reacting again. He said we will just give him more.

I also told him that he was not ok and I had found it to be illegal to release a patient to unsafe environment. It was unsafe for both of us.

The next day July 6, I have not had any contact with my husband. Between APS and the hospital they have falsified reports, changed his POA and DPOA when we have a full trust in place since 1983. My husband's wishes have been maintained since then. Identification was never taken on admittance, yet they had his signature notorized and after 40 days of coercing him and after telling him I abandoned him.

Daughter states she doesn't have time to care for him, So the APS got a vapo me which makes me ineligible to be guardian as he planned. All his rights will be gone. Our financial, and marriage ALL taken away by strangers. What can be done? Not one witness or friend was ever contacted by APS in fact they stated she visited Mark at our home twice, he was not there and that I was there when I was not. How does this happen?

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So if you are working as a flight attendant, who was caring for your husband while you were away? You say that APS said they could make you lose your job so you must have been employed when this began. There is a lot more to this story and a lot of holes here.....APS does not change POAs. Sounds like guardianship was filed and awarded to a court appointed guardian.where were you for the 40 days?
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If I am understanding this correctly, this all happened in July of last year? Almost a year ago?

APS and hospitals really don’t have the time to falsify reports. What would they stand to gain? Only the 2 of you can end your marriage. APS cannot take away your marriage.

You need to contact a supervisor at APS and ask for a meeting. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring an attorney. Call legal aid if you can’t afford one. But understand you will need hard evidence of all these accusations you are making.
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Isthisrealyreal May 2019
Ahmijoy, you would be horrified by the lack of care that reports receive. We were robbed and the police report did not reflect one word that was said. We sent a letter asking that the police report be corrected to reflect what the responding officers were told, we found out 9 months later that they had been investigating us. We got robbed at gun point by 4 Mexicans dressed as police officers at our industrial building and they never looked for the perps, wasted 9 months trying to pin a crime on us. This is so common in government entities.
You need to hire an attorney right away. can help you find one near you.

APS can not take your money away and leave you impoverished.

I pray that you find a lawyer that is a bulldog and willing to fight this trash ball APS worker. This kind of treatment needs to be prosecuted and then maybe the lack of responsibility and abuse of authority will get balanced.
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