My brother is stealing all of my mother's pension checks, and he is living on them and refuses to get a job. My mom is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. Who do I call to report this? All the lawyers I have called told me they don't do that. Please HELP.

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SS and pension checks should have gone towards Moms care.

Who is POA? If brother he is frauding the government. He needs to be reported to Medicaid. The pension must not have been mentioned on her application.

If you r POA, then see if the NH can contact the firm holding the pension and ask that they become payees. I did this with both Moms SS and pension. All I did was sign paperwork with the home. They took care of the rest.
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Why do you think he is stealing her checks?

How is the NH being paid?

The quickest thing for you to do is to call the NH business office and find out if moms pensions checks are going to them, along with her social security payments.

If they are not being paid, they will be very interested in having your brother investigated.

However, you may well find that all of her income is going to the NH to pay for her care.
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If your mom is in a NH her pension checks should either be going to them or somehow paying for that care. If they aren't signed over directly are they going to the same account your brother is drawing from? If so he must be paying her NH bill and care, is there that much left to support him too? If so he must be on the account and or POA, is he the only one? Much of your recourse has to do with who was given what legal standing by your mother before she became incompetent. But if you really feel there is a legal position here for you or that he is acting to the detriment of your moms care and not just her estate then an attorney that specializes in Elder Care would be the person to consult I think.
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