My husband is in the hospital right now , because he is having seizures. I know this is a side effect of the mass in his brain. Has never had seizures before and he just got a MRI, C-scan, and EEG. I am waiting for the results. So far the seizure medication is not kicking in. Anyone experience this?

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My father had a meningioma in his brain; it was discovered when he fell & broke his hip at 90 & also hit his head & got a small cut on his forehead. An MRI revealed the brain tumor. It weakened him on his left side and caused walking issues but never did cause seizures. We're not sure how long it had been there prior to his fall, either.

My cousin also has a malignant meningioma in his brain that does cause seizures; he's 48 now, and it all started when he was 40 and he had his first seizure in the shower. Medication DOES control the seizures for the most part, but some do break through from time to time.

Wishing you the best of luck with a difficult situation.
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thank you so much funkygrandma59
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My husband didn't have meningioma, but started having seizures about a year after his massive stroke in 1996. They were grand mal seizures and his neurologist said that they were being caused by the scar tissue in his brain from his stroke. He had to hospitalized twice over the years to get them under control, but eventually he ended up on 3000 mg. of Depakote, 4000 mg. of Keppra, and 300 mg. of Dilantin, that he took daily. That concoction pretty much kept his seizures under control, although occasionally he would have break through seizures, but thankfully not very often. It's scary for sure at first, and then like all things you get used to them, and you know what to look for. My husband would get about a 15 second warning that a seizure was coming on, and he would say "oh oh"(his speech was very limited because of his stroke) and I knew exactly what was about to happen, so I would try to get him down low, so he wouldn't fall and hurt himself. Just make sure that you get a good neurologist(one that specializes in the treatment of seizures)for your husband. If I can be of any more help, you can message me by clicking on my name funkygrandma59. I hope and pray all goes well for your husband.
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