Medications and Older Adults

Prescription and over the counter drugs used to treat illness or maintain health.

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  • Family caregivers, especially those acting as medical POA, should assemble a folder of these 9 important medical details that can be easily handed off to nurses and doctors when seniors need emergency health care.

  • It is normal to be constipated from time to time, but when this condition lasts for a prolonged period or worsens significantly, it can be extremely uncomfortable and even require medical attention.

  • My blood pressure has been a challenge these past few years... sometimes too low, sometimes too high. I'm trying to take fewer meds and supplements, so here are a few "natural" things I'm doing to keep my blood pressure in check.

  • If things get bad and my quality of life just doesn't cut it anymore, I don't want to linger on Earth -- miserable, unaware, a burden to family. But the question is -- What to do about it?

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