Mom was recently admitted into the Senior Behavior Health unit.
She has dementia/Alzheimer’s and the Doctors are evaluating her to find out which medications are best for her behaviors.
Anyone have any experience with going through this?

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Usually,when a Senior is admitted to one of these units, like my mom, they have already demonstrated the need to be there. My mother, in her last years, became combative and started to wander. The only way to keep her and the other residents safe was to place her in the locked unit. It is euphemistically called “Memory Care”, but truthfully, by that time, there is little memory left to care for. These units are smaller with a lower staff:patient ratio. There is more supervision. My mother did well in her’s. She didn’t improve as such, but I felt better knowing she was closely supervised against falls and causing injuries to herself or other residents. Meds were adjusted. Her meal consumption was monitored. An aide sat in the dining room with the residents at each meal. It wasn’t a bad experience, but be prepared that the people who reside in these units are a bit more needy. There are the ladies who carry baby dolls around, the ones who may shout and scream, and the ones who are catatonic. It’s takes a little getting used to.
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