My father, 89, has had infrequent episodes of garbled or no speech, that pass quickly. He'll totally mix up words and speak jibberish for a few seconds and it's very alarming. I looked it up and think it could be a Transient Ischemic attack (TIA). Obviously am taking him to the doctor asap but also wondering if anyone has experienced this with their LO and have any experience to share?

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Some things can help prevent a stroke but other factors are genetic or because of other reasons.

I, in no way, meant to give advise to ignore the episodes but we were told at the hospital that she didn't need to return just because she had another TIA. (They had done the workup when she had the first one.)

As difficult as it was to listen to her garbled speech, it went away in a few seconds. As far as I know, she hasn't had anymore of them and she hadn't had a stroke either. She'll be 96 in January.
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My mom had an episode of garbled speaking several years ago while she and I were visiting, I immediately thought stroke, then TIA after it had passed and after calling for advice took her to the ER for a check up. TIAs are a waning sign that stoke may be imminent and as I later learned can themselves cause harm (multi infarct or vascular dementia), the fact that he is having repeated episodes is alarming. My mom was fast tracked to a neurologist specializing in stroke prevention, I only wish we had known and acted sooner before the cumulative effects of the many unwitnessed TIAs she must have had previously caused the damage that has had such a negative effect on her quality of life.
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Mom will sometimes babble- make sounds but not form words

not sure if this happens when she's mad or just tired

I just listen to her and say, I know, but she is aware she can't get her words out, and expresses frustration about it

if she were younger or more importantly still mobile, then I would be more concerned
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Yup, experienced that with my Mom when she was around 90 yrs old and level 3 Alzheimer's. She had that happen while we were talking on the phone. I hung up and called the ambulance. They took her to the hospital but they really don't DO anything for TIA's. When it happened again I just waited until it passed and had someone check on her. Shortly after that, I moved her down near me.
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sunbrooke Sep 2018
Hi Sue, right, so the info is you should take them to the doctor or ER immediately...but then they can't actually do anything about it? The condition seems kind of mysterious to me, because some places call it a "mini stroke" and others say it just passes and you don't need to worry about it.
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