Can a “mini” stroke cause repetitive speech?


My husband is 61, and within the last several months has begun repeating the same word/phrase 3 times in a row; such as when answering a question or making a general remark. This really DOESNT seem to be dementia. What could it be?? Any advice is much appreciated!!



You might want to search for Palilalia, and see if that provides some useful information.

A woman who sat at my mother's lunch table in NH repeated phrases three times, so your post interested me. She'd say, "I need I need I need a sweater a sweater a sweater. I'm cold I'm cold I'm cold." She also had a mild speech impediment so it was hard to understand the individual words sometimes. Poor dear. Many of the residents didn't have hearing accurate enough to understand her or sufficient attention spans to listen to the end of sentence! I always tried to be patient, but it was hard even for me. I'd say, "I can go to your room, Rosie, and bring you a sweater. Is it in your closet?" And she'd answer, "I'll go I'll go I'll go with you with you with you. Push my push my push my wheelchair wheelchair wheelchair. You are you are you are a good woman a good woman a good woman." Whew!

Is that sort of like what your husband does? I never did find out what caused Rosie's speech problem or even what it was called. I'll be watching this thread to try to learn more.
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Dear Rriley,

I'm glad your husband has you looking out for him. I would take him to a doctor or even the ER if suspect he has had a mini stroke. This is serious and you know his normal pattern of behaviour best. He needs to be evaluated by a doctor or nurse.

Has he started any new medications? This might also contribute to a change in behaviour.
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