First of all,

I can NOT view or use the site on

my phone AT ALL. When I go to newsfeed, the words are overlapped by what looks

like light blue snowflakes making it it hard to read.

Then when I expand on a comment by

hitting 'read more', the text from that comment overlaps the text that was

previously on the screen making it IMPOSSIBLE to read.

I just found out our beloved joke

thread now only contains the newer posts. All the wonderful jokes that were

there since the beginning were no longer there. And Buzzybee will no longer

posts jokes because of the new format.

And the color of the font being so

light, it's so hard to read. This is one thing that a lot of people had

complained and brought it to AgingCare's attention. But it doesn't seem to

matter to them. We don't matter to them.

I am so disappointed in AgingCare.

And I am so done with it too.

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New format is def not user friendly

I agree. I can't find the comments on a topic I've been following.  What's the trick?

rocketjcat -

I have just started to do that as well - click on the category header.

Thing is - I didn’t know you could do that until yesterday when I read it on one of the many threads concerning people’s dislike of this new format.
Maybe if the headers were underlined it would have been easier for me to figure that out on my own. Anyhoo -
What annoys me now is that as part of the test group I submitted my having this issue months and months ago - along with a few other issues - and no one replied to me. Would have been nice to have had that little tip a little earlier.

But thank you for your effort. I think it speaks volumes as to what makes this site so great - the smart caring members who are here to help each other out and do a better job of it rather than professionals in positions of authority.

Rainmom, I think I understand your floating screen issue. I usually view AC on my iPad but occasionally on my smaller iPhone 6. When scrolling horizontally my screen does float/jump around vertically. My eyes are constantly chasing around the screen. It’s very annoying. My finger doesn’t open up other links however, I try to just gently tap/scroll on the grey areas. It’s most annoying on the small phone as the whole screen bounces around. I have given up side scrolling entirely, and just click on the category to get it in a list form.

I don't like it either. Just not as easy to use.

I do not like this new format at all. The old one was so easy to zip through and see questions that were relevant to me or questions I could help answer. This new one is not user friendly. I doubt if I will continue checking in. Way to much work:(


I wanted to clarify point.

I meant “if I lightly touch a topic, it comes up” in not a good way. What I meant was that as I’m chasing the page around my finger will brush over a random spot - and whatever happened to be there comes up.

Which segways to - there doesn’t seem to be a good spot to place your finger as you try to scroll from to left to right - seems your always touching something you don’t mean to and voila’ - something pops up. Just because ya gotta put your finger somewhere - right?

Or maybe it’s just me.

Months ago I was included in “testing” the new format. I replied with a number of issues that remain to today.

My main issue - using my iPhone 7 - is that the questions and discussions “float”. Meaning - as I try to scroll from left to right the page “floats” up so as I’m looking at the selection of New Questions - or New Discussion- whatever - it’s a constant chasing from left to right and then up and down. As I’m chasing the page around if I lightly touch a topic, it comes up. So then it’s back arrow and on to chasing the floating page.

I dont know if that makes sense - but if you’re dealing with it as I am - I know you know what I mean.

Its supremely frustrating.

Polarbear, software format change isn't easy especially for those who are seniors already, such as I am. I use to be a whiz at finding every nook and cranny of a new software format, but those days slowly down. I am already in my own age related decline.

Whenever I have a break at work or it is a slow day, I would dive into Aging Care to see what are the current questions and discussions. I could whip through quite a few pages. Now, I am lucky if I can answer one question/discussion before I need to get back to work. Probably the same is happening with those wonderful caregivers who are hands-on and have a few minutes to spare.

Yes, the font is light, so I need to enlarge the page, but by doing that, it takes more scrolling.... [sigh]. Wish we could change to the font to what we find easier to use, as sometimes darkening a font makes the letters run together. Oh why does life have to get so complicated !!

Hi Polarbear,
Sorry you are disappointed. Please let us know what type of device is showing overlapping text. We have been testing and responding to feedback for many months and thought that tech had fully resolved that issue.

I have provided a link to the joke thread, 275 posts are available for view.
Let me know if that is not the thread you are referring to.

In response to previous feedback, we changed the fonts to black, please let us know where the font is reading too light.

If you would prefer to send me an email feel free to contact me at Thanks!

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