My mother was hospitalized last year. During the stay, she developed bed sores. One was near the heel while the other one was near the tail bone. The doctor advised EUSOL and Zinc Oxide. The sore on the heel is completely gone but the one near the tail bone has improved a lot but the color of the skin is still pinkish.
Can someone please advise any product that will be helpful in completely curing the sore. (It's not painful and she can sit in her bed or on a chair for hours while watching TV). Moreover, we use an air mattress and change her side every 2 to 2.5 hours.
Best regards

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Seems like turning and offloading every 2 or so hours is the best way to prevent bed sores from getting worse. info/treatment-of-decubitus-ulcers/

Agree. My FIL has the same and he has visiting nurses that come in every week. His wasn't healing either for several months; so we just found out today they will use a "silver nitrate" patch since nothing else including antibiotics are working.

This is very serious because these wounds can get so bad, the surrounding tissue can start dying. Worse, is these pesky wounds are an open "oriface" and open invitation to other infections that can become systemic and then require hospitalization.

I have heard very good things about wound care centers (that is what my FIL has managing his ulcer on his lower hip -- pressure wound). They have been patient with him and keep trying different things but are evaluting him in person every week and trying new things.

Good luck.

If you have a stubborn pressure ulcer run, don't walk, to your nearest wound care clinic. Your mom's Dr. can provide you with a name of a wound care specialist. The clinic will teach you how to care for the ulcer and give you supplies. There are all kinds of barrier crèmes on the market and people will suggest one or the other but don't mess around with a pesky ulcer. Get it looked at.

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