I can not hold her attention span longer than 20min. She does not really understand t.v. Except (cops) which makes it hard .

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First, thanks for doing such a good job filling out your profile!

I see you have been caring for your mother with dementia for two years. Is this desire to sleep a lot something new, or has it been pretty continuous? How much is "a lot" -- 14 hours per day, 18? 20? In the end stage sleeping 20 or more hours a day is typical. I think it does tend to increase in the later stages, but I am not familiar with what is "normal" in Alzheimer's. Is that what Mom has? If this is a sudden increase I think I would call her clinic or a nurse adviser line and discuss it, in case it is a symptom of some acute illness. If it has been creeping up gradually or has been this way for two years I'd just discuss in at the next appointment.

The short attention span is typical, too. Do you feel is has shortened in the two years you've observed it? My husband did better with videos of his old favorite shows (Hogan's Heroes, Northern Exposure) because the characters were familiar, he'd seen them before (even if he didn't remember them), and they were not interrupted by commercials which he found increasingly distracting.

He also did well with nature or travel videos, which don't have a plot to follow. He loved looking at the Grand Canyon or African photo safaris.

I never tried this, but I wonder if Sesame Street, geared to short attention spans but with always something lively and colorful, might be appealing.

Can she go for walks with you, either with a walker or wheelchair? That is a nice change of scenery to counter boredom, at least on nice days and when you (or a helper) has time.

Knowing her attention span is helpful so you can pick appropriate activities for her. My mother (94, dementia) enjoys sorting things, like beads or buttons or coins. I try to end the session before she gets tired of it. She also likes matching up socks. I've got about 15 pair in a basket for her, each a bright color or with a distinct pattern, and that is about how many she can do in one session. She loves folding wash clothes. Again, I have a basket of assorted colors, textures, and patterns, so they are interesting to feel as well as to see and that is a size that is manageable even with limited range of motion.

My mom still loves doing crosswords, although she has gone from advanced levels to easy and large print.

Are there any activities your mom used to enjoy that she might still be able to handle in 20-minute segments and at a reduced level of complexity?

Is there an Adult Day Health Program (day care) program that she could attend for a few hours a day or two a week. They generally have comfortable recliners for those who need naps and are good at providing some social interaction and stimulation.

I don't think that wanting to sleep a lot means you are doing something wrong, but I understand the desire to help her have something happy and engaging to do when she is awake.
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