Please share things you do to keep you sane and happy. How do you take care you YOU?

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We focus so much on kvetching. Let's also think of ways to cope that keep us inwardly happier.

My favorite method: Go for a walk alone in nature and spend time meditating there.

Put on relaxing music and feel gratitude before you eat a meal.

Read or listen to a spiritual talk that gives you new determination to go within and find God.

Help a friend who loves you.

Spend time with a pet.

What's your list?


I keep my sanity by still having my career.... I can stop any time I want, but I dare not, as it is my mental *vacation* going to the office every day, including Saturdays when we are really busy.

Plus I have three felines, so it is always a 3-ring circus, and they can make me laugh.
I turn on the TV to drown out my father's voice. He can go on and on and on. The louder he talks, the louder the TV volume goes. I know it sounds very rude. But, I've been living here for 23 years helping him caregive mom. I had a heart infection, was on home antibiotic IV for 6 weeks. Suppose to be bedrest. No laundry or anything stressful. After 2 weeks home all day with him, all he had to do was say my name, and my stress level flew, heart palpitation, etc.. I called the doc and said I had to go back to work - with or without her permission. My father was stressing me out..Then when he had a stroke and became bedridden, his mouth got worse. I turn on the TV as background noise, get on the computer and type away. Read a funny book. Shopping. Window shopping is sooo much fun.
I go out and mow. No one can hear me cry, laugh, fart or talk to God. I love it!
A nice leisurely walk near the waterfront. Music I like. A hot jacuzzi bath. Watch a movie (only about 6 of them since last October....geeze). I can't wait until the DVD "Heaven is For Real", which comes out tomorrow!
I've learned to crochet since taking on caregiving, and I was already a quilter. So, I work on little dolly blankets for the Fireman's Cheer Fund (gives out Christmas gifts to underprivileged kids) and I try to concentrate on and pray for the little girl who will receive the blanket. It helps me feel productive and like my time sitting on her couch (otherwise doing nothing) is worthwhile. The repetition of stitching is pretty relaxing too.
I make it a point every single day to stop everything and do something for me. I call it a treat. It might be a walk, go for a drive, get a Starbucks, nap, a bubbly bath, buy myself something, a movie, curl up and read somewhere, buy a magazine, spend time with a friend......the treats and splurges simple or otherwise are varied and endless but doing these things for myself every day has become a vital part of my life and fuels me to keep my sanity and energize me when my batteries feel they are running low. It's so important to take care of yourself, especially if we are caretakers.

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