I am ready to blow up and do not know what to do.

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So when my ex and I broke up, we left one bank account open together with $5 in it because of a boat loan that we have a usage agreement on. I got home from work and got a funds availibility email from the bank, and I was like wtf no one uses the account. I already turned them in for the life insurance check his mom was trying to hide from Medicaid two months ago. I logged on and her f'n check is in the account. I am in a rage right now. That woman owes me so much money its unreal besides everything else. I am ready to just fly off the handle which won't be pretty. I can't yell at her because you know she will pull the fake tears, which makes it elder abuse...lol yeah right. That b!tch needs to just be put away to die in her own filth and misery...I hate her. Any ideas what I do with the money, because I don't want it there?


Tacy, you don't need this kind of stress, do you?! Are you in touch with a therapist. We don't want to see you blow up!

I understand your emotional rage. On a practical level, is there harm in just ignoring that money? Don't spend it. Pretend it is not there. When you and you ex need to use the account, put your money into it as agreed and continue to ignore the insurance money. If Ex wants to treat it as part of his share, well, that is his business, right?
Personally? I'd take it out in the form of a cashiers check made out to mom and mail it to your ex - with a little love note about what you plan to buy should the money reappear in the account. But that's just me.
I LOVE Rainmom's answer. But I'd do what Jeanne says.
Tacy I would call the bank and tell them that an incorrect deposit posted to my account. No trail of her money to your bank to make you part of Medicaid fraud. Tell ex if it shows up again you report to APS. Smells like chance to report you for abuse. Don't ignore with these wackos. Lock the account down with bank. He had to give her bank info. Run!!!!!
No, it is fraud pure in simple and i will not be a part of it. After the bs police report my exes brother made and all my my legal fees...no just no. I am not hiding the money. If i didnt have a 500 withdrawl limit, it would be withdrawn and dropped of at the police station or burned. My therapist stopped my anxiety medication because the old hag is supposed to be out of my life so I dont need it even though its one thing after another with her. I blew up at him, his family and her over the phone a few minutes ago. She pulled her fake guilt trip and said she starve herself to deathif she did such a bad thing. I told her that would take to long google a quicker way. Yes, i know it is mean and harsh but i just cant deal with her manipulate sh!t anymore.
I like ALL the answers!
The thing is i was just going to pay the boat off even though there was a payment schedule and usage schedule. Its a 150k boat and less than 11k was owed. My therapist encouraged me to stick to the agreement and not financially bail people out anymore. I am mad at myself right now for listening to that quack. Its just so f'd up because everytime i think its under control some bs just happens that sends me over the edge.
((((hugs)))) Tacy, I have no answers for you, but I am sending good vibes. That crew has put you through A LOT. This latest curveball is unfair and uncalled-for. Deep breath.....stay strong. Your character is superior to theirs, and you will prevail.
His mom got a check from a life insurance company. Who died? You've already turned her in for hiding the check from Medicaid. Who did your report this to? You might report to the same agency that the check is now deposited in an account you own jointly with her son and you have nothing to do with it getting there.

Then I think you have done your duty as a concerned citizen. It is up to authorities to take further action.

Do not spend the money! But if you have reported it to the appropriate agency, I don't see how you have any further responsibility for it.

(Can't you and your ex handle the boat loan from separate accounts?)
Jeannie, I reported the check for her husbands death to the MDHHS back when they asked my mom for her roof invoice to use as a "qualified expense" so she could keep the money. The credit union was open til noon yesterday so I went in and had a a fit. They ended up calling in the manager on her day off. I paid off the boat, filled out fraud paperwork and had them freeze the account until the paperwork is processed which they said could take 48 business hours then the account can be closed. They said people will be in contact. I work in finance/accounting and this shady crap could really screw up my life so I just dont want any part of it.

Needless to say, they went to the ATM yesterday to withdraw money so she could go to the casino and found out what I did. It didnt go over well and I took more verbal abuse.

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