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Kinda long.Well I was supposed to go out with a friend this AM.We have a gate across the driveway that is opened by remote control.Well the FedEx guy had put a package over the fence near the chain that works the gate. I really thought the package was far enough away from the chain but I was wrong and the package got a little squished when the gate tried to open.I get back from my outing and my husband informs me that mother had gotten quite upset about her package of art supplies,insisted that some little tray in it had been scratched.Well this was already on top of her being upset this AM about her Yorkie again.She doesn't think he is eating enough,I told her if she was that concerned to call the vet and I would take her tomorrow.This wasn't good enough.My husband fixed up some food this AM before I left and the dog ate like a little pig.I don't know what her problem is .This behavior ,in my opinion,started up because I have been going out to meet a friend about every other day for a few hours and that I will be going out of town in about 3 weeks for 2 1/2 days.She was really upset this AM that even after she started up about her dog that I still left to meet my friend, I was gone for 4 hours.OMG.I know that this is all probably attention seeking behavior.If you haven't read my other posts my mother and I never had a close relationship,somewhat emotionally abusive, and now she is in my house.I think it just grates her butt that I am starting to live my life.For the last several weeks I have been so depressed I have been living in my bedroom except for when she needs anything.I quit talking to friends or doing anything away from the house. She does get out, gets her hair done weekly,goes to church on Sunday,talks to a few friends on her cellphone.Because of her physical condition it does limit her activities but this isn't my fault.Right now I am avoiding her because I am pretty sure she is upset because I didn't stay home today and I don't feel like dealing with her cr--p right now.


You GO girl!!! Keep living your life whether mom likes it or not. She'll be just fine.
Such little things become such big things. I think each of us need to build a big doghouse with a movie setup, a bar, and central air. Then we'd be doing things to go to the doghouse. Maybe the yorkie would like to join you.
girlfriend you get out there and live-she will not be happy that you stayed home-if she had planned better she could now be in an ALF and there are always nursing homes if she is so unhappy living with you and your husband-you are taking the right steps sp you won't follow down the road she is at when you are older-to have friends you have to work at being a friend-love Jessie's answer
She lives in your house, and you are hiding out in your bedroom? Please come out and keep taking charge of your own life. Yes she is petty and emotionally abusive and will never change. I have read several of your posts (although I cannot remember all the details, we are all basically in the same boat) and you do have your hands full. The BS may reach a point where you and your DH can't take it anymore. Why don't you try a little tactic and get a few brochures from some fancy AL facilities and show one to her when she gets into one of her snits? Let her think she will be treated like a queen in one of those places (of course she will have to give up her pups) - I bet she will shut up fast.
Better yet pick up brochures from local nursing homes and leave them when she can see them -when not if she says something you can say well you are so unhappy so you are helping her find a place she would be happier living in-become part of the sisterhood of KAW kick ass women-if I had to do it all over I would become the bitch the husband called me-big time.

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