Found a great and fun video...might brighten your day.

Started by I know we can't put up web links so I'll try in code...this is a great video...just to make you smile!!

website: wimp/retirementhome/

Found it on my FB wall...I think you'll enjoy it.


I should mention that it really is a fun video...basically a retirement community did a music video to the Song Happy by Will Pharrell. So nothing weird :).
OMG, that was great.... so much fun to watch, had to watch it more than once to catch everything, like the guy jumping into the swimming pool.... LOL... what a beautiful retirement village, loved the setting.

So glad you watched it!! I've seen it a couple of times as well.
Loved it.
Oh oh oh!!! I want to live there!!!
Well Vagaslady...did you notice they were building another facility on the property? LOL...Ya I thought it looked like a really great place to live also. Wonder where it is?
I found this information about the retirement home in the video:

"The residents of the Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch, New Zealand were determined to show that age is just a number and that they are, in fact, quite "happy" and active despite their age. It's hard not to be "happy" with them!"

Now, if only the developers here in the States would offer more of these types of retirement villages, our older seniors wouldn't be digging in their heels when it is time to move. if we didn't value profit over experience and compassion then perhaps we would have more homes like this!! Of course i'm only assuming this is a home that allow's for Gov Funding etc. :) wish I was a kabillionair I'd set up a system like this...would be great.
On top of the home there, New Zealand is a wonderful, beautiful country. Spent three weeks there driving around the North and Sourh Islands around 1980 with the first husband.

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