I've had to step away going to my dad's for a couple months between work, family time, and just tired. I was promoted but they can't backfill my position so working two jobs. I'm trying to juggle. I am planning on going this weekend. I've made food for his freezer. I know tomorrow will not be enough to help much. He is not doing well. His computer crashed, landlord says he has been patient long enough and needs to be out soon, he can't find a new place, said his blood pressure is causing him to faint in his wheelchair. Still will not agree to an agency. He has to have control. It makes me so sad to know. I've tried for 10 years to offer suggestions, move there, run ads, anything I could think of. It just deflates my energy knowing I can't help. I guess I'm just venting. I love my dad and just wish we could enjoy a visit instead of crisis mode all the time.

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Thanks. Helps to talk it out. Why do loveones have to make it hard. Loading up vehicle. Thanks for the support. Hugs
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So sorry, Smilebeth. Let us know what happens.
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Welcome back.

So sorry to hear that he is still not considering you in this situation.

He is getting to a point that decisions will be made for him. The landlord has given you and him fair warning.

Hugs to you! Stay strong and remember to take care of you.
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