Sorry all. Planning my own important issues has become so much on the back burner - is it time to just up and go? I pay for things and never get to do them, I work on weekends now and rarely see my children, and I have poor health and cannot afford to pay for it, and lastly I am not getting any help at all. How does one up and leave when it just becomes a lose-lose situation? Without injuring feelings or anyone's health. This is a tough question.

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You Don't say what kind of help you are looking for. You have no info on your profile. Are you caring for someone? Your age? Important because it depends on what kind of help is out there for you. Can u give us more information?
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You have a choice to make:
do I injure other's feelings and health, or do I take care of my own first?

You need to put yourself first each and every day and create a daily honoring and respect for your own life and heart. I am not saying to be selfish and not help others. I am saying to include yourself in the equation of who you chose to take care of, otherwise, you will always create 'lose-lose' situations for your self. [Did you know that the universe treats you as your treat yourself?]

You have to come back to balance....I know it is hard to begin to say 'no' to others' took me a long time to learn this!....but you must learn to choose when to say 'no', otherwise, you become the constant crisis.

Consider planing "our time" as an hour each day rather than waiting for a perfect day.Get into the habit of choosing Self!
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