And are now in the position of primary caregiver? I am an LCSW and I see many husbands and wives who are struggling with the loss of their spouse to dementia. When I started recommending your website to my clients I realized that you don't address this situation. There are so many issues at hand that I won't enumerate them here. Your website focuses on children and parents. Is this a conscious decision? If so, where can I direct my clients to get the information and support they need?

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Thank you. I've been reading for a couple months and had not seen anything specific. I didn't think to use the search feature. I will pass on that information to my clients. I didn't mean to imply that this isn't a great service and support. It certainly is. Thanks again.
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This site doesn't address that subject? I'm puzzled - there are any number of posts here on that topic. If you're looking for specific information, use the search button or check under the Caregiver Support link on the toolbar.

Here are some hits:

Perhaps if you spent some time reading the posts, you'd find that there are a lot of posters here addressing the issue of spousal dementia. At least one of them is a regular poster.

There's a wealth of experience in the articles and posts; one only has to look for it. Unless there's something else you have in mind, but as you stated, there are too many issues to enumerate here. That's why it's helpful to use the search function.
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