My husband is 63. He has just been diagnosed with frontal lobe Dementia. His mother, who sees herself above me, his wife, refuses to see her son, my husband by doing SKYPE even though she knows how much it means to him. She says she is not ready to see him. She will be upset. She has always been manipulating and insulting towards me. Blames me for his illness (apparently I must be godlike). His entire family refuses to talk to me I am persona non grata. Now my son who we live with and his wife want to go on a holiday and stay for free in the complex she lives in. WANTS TO KNOW IF I AM OK WITH IT. No. I am not. Blames me for having a hang up about MIL. I can’t believe it. I am very hurt and so angry. They put their cost saving holiday above their father over this ruthless woman to save money

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I understand that you are very upset about this issue.

It seems to be consuming you.

If you are this upset to have posted twice, I think you should talk to your son about the fact that you are not OK with his seeing his gma.

But understand that in doing so, you may fracture your relationship with him.

The fact that your MIL is narcissistic and crazy might be a reason to feel sorry for her. I understand that her behavior makes your husband sad. Consider that she may not want him to see how SHE looks.

Extending compassion to those who have shown none to us is a real show of character.
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