My dad is 73 and fairly active. He has COPD, umbilical hernia, and high blood pressure. He’s taking medication for the COPD and high blood pressure. Last night he fell while going to the restroom my mum and I ran to see him at this point he was standing and said he was fine but seconds later he fell again and became unconscious with his eyes open and not responding he was making a lot of noise while he was breathing and then came to. He had been complaining about his stomach being in a lot of pain. I had called an ambulance which my father shouted not to do. After a while he went into bed saying he felt a lot better and today he seems to be really well but I’m concerned the same thing happens again and there’s a problem that needs to be dealt with. I’m 21 and live in another city from him and my mum. My mum was in a terrible state last night having sickness and diarrhea because of the shock and nerves for my dad's wellbeing. This makes me more scared this happens again and I’m not there as my mother wouldn’t be able to cope on her own. Is there any advice what to do in this situation and I know I can’t force him to get checked out if he doesn’t want to. I believe he’s scared if he goes into hospital he won’t come out.

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I am so thankful that our family doctor insists on seeing seniors who are on medication every three months. Prescriptions only have three refills, so the patient has to go in for a check up to get their Rx renewed.

Often diabetes, HBP and Cholesterol medication has to be adjusted. How is medication monitored if patients do not get some sort of regular check ups?

Dad fainted, that needs to be checked by a doctor. Why did it happen?

Would he he go to the doctor for a check up for your Mum’s sake? To relieve her worries before you head home?
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Sometimes the first thing to do is accurately assess the presenting illness.
For both Mom and Dad, it could be the flu, or some spoiled food. If you are staying with them, make an appointment with his doctor that knows him. If either gets the same symptoms today, it will become clear. Is your stomach a bit queasy?

Then, yes, do address father's reluctance to go to doctors or ER. It could have been a seizure.
I don't have really good advice about how to do that, because if any loved one needs care, I nag them into it, to the point of risking the relationship. Then, backing off for a few days, I am back at it, nagging, presenting all the medical reasons they should go. However, because of your age, Dad may not listen to you.
Are there any aunts/uncles to bring in support?

Do not give up, but neither, do not panic. You called an ambulance, you did right.
It may have nothing to do with your age, sorry to make such an accusation.
I would not have cancelled it if Dad yelled.
I have an elderly loved one who was falling frequently. He is stabilized, well-fed, off a lot of meds, (b/p meds were making him weak) and does not fall anymore.
He is in AL now.
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Are you in the USA? My husband is bedridden and cannot get out to go to the doctor. We use a service called Visiting Physicians. They are doctors and. Nurse practitioners who come to you.

However, I have concerns that something is wrong with your father that needs immediate attention, such as the ER. He may be putting on a brave face for your mom because he knew how she would react. Somehow, you need to convince him to go to the emergency room. I know some elderly people were raised to belleve the hospital was a place you went to die. But, he needs to There is something wrong and he needs medical attention. Tell him he needs to do it for your mom.
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