Hello, everyone, I want to Thank everyone for there helpful answers. I sent another email by mychart and I let them know that I need an appointment with my doctor. I did let them know that the days that I already have appointments so that they can give me an appointment when I am free to go. But as of now, I have not heard anything so I will wait until after lunch to call them and ask for an appointment. But I am getting a little upset that the fact that they have not called or sent another email. But I am going to let that slide and be the person that I know I can be and that they are not going to get me upset. If they don't call or send an email, then I will find myself another doctor, however they are not too many doctors in this area who are willing to take patients with medicare and medicaid. Why? I don't know but they tell me that medicare doesn't pay them enough. The government doesn't give me enough money either but I have to do with what they give me, at least I try. I will let you know the outcome later. Thanks again for all the answers and they were all great. I really do believe that there are people who do care. Thanks a bunch.

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Hello, I did send a message to my doctor and he did answer me. He did say that he could not give me more time because he is a resident he could not give me more time, that the time has already been set down for all the doctors to go by. But our session may go over the 20 minutes, but they always blame the patient. I did have to call and make the appointment for Nov. 30. That is the earliest that they can see me and it is with a different provider. I won't be seeing my primary cause he is booked until Dec. 15. They have me on a waiting list but I doubt that I can get in any earlier. I guess I am lucky that I am seeing anyone at all. But my primary told me in the email, that he would see me but he knows that I have not seen anyone since August. And he said for me to get an appointment with someone sooner so that I can be seen. He knows that I am having some problems and that is why he wants me to be seen as soon as possible. But I guess I have to live with the fact that Nov. 30 is the earliest I can see someone. I am Thankful for that. So Thanks everyone for your answers and I appreciate everyone of them and now all I have to do is worry about Nov. 30. Thanks.
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Calling would be best, To protect themselves,legally, many medical personnel won't answer letters or e-mails. heck some won't even return voice messages,which is probably your case. If you call and you don't feel right, time for another doctor.

Medicare pays what they feel is a fair price. Many, try to charge a lot for services that aren't needed and/or are excessive. Plus, there is the issue of fraud that some doctors do, or try to anyway.
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