Call your area's agency on aging.  They often have a list, with phone numbers.  Ours emailed me one, then I called and asked.  All 3 within a half-hour's drive said it was only if they had a bed, and call the day before.  With a scheduled get-away retreat, I couldn't take the chance that all 3 would be full.  So I scheduled all day with the care-giver agency we use.  My husband did supper, and he and our dog had night duty (aunt still mobile, and dog barks to get us if she falls, since she won't use a fall button.)  If you have a spare bed/couch/recliner, some caregivers will stay the night.  Good luck. Respite is worth the trouble.
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Check with your local memory care facilities. If it is for a specific time then inquire early to see af a bed is available. The marketing director will give all of the details
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Sorry, this is a Forum of caregivers who share their experiences. We r from the Us, Canada, and the UK mostly.

Respite care can be given by Nursing Homes and Assited Livings. You just need to call around and see who has an open bed.
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