My mother fell last week, we believe she passed out. She could not get herself up. My brother was there, he could not get her up either. He lives with her part time, if he wasn't there it would of been bad. The fire department had to come. We have talked for over a yr about getting her a necklace alert button. But you all know how that is. Mom is a frickin hard head. I have done research of these alert devices. I am at a loss. Any advice? And we are on a budget too. thank you all

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Humana has one. The people who respond are lovely but there is a delay when speaking so it is annoying.

Please install a lockbox. Amazon carries them. Read reviews. Set up with a code. Place house key inside and fire department can let themselves in.

If your mom is falling she should not be alone. Call Council on Aging and have an assessment done. Someone will come a couple of times a month free of charge. They will help bathe, prepare meals, light housekeeping and so on. They will sit with her for four hour shifts.

What is causing her falls? Does she need to see a neurologist? Does she have seizures?
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We subscribe to Philip’s Life Line and find it has been an excellent device. We pay a bit extra for fall detection and it has activated each time our mother has fallen. We’ve programmed it to call the safety department at her independent living facility rather than call EMTs.
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Your profile says that your mother has dementia. In that case, I'd be wary of relying on an alert button for multiple reasons. It's rather risky leaving a person with dementia alone, especially, if they are a fall risk. One risk is that she may not think to press the button, if she falls. I know of a couple of family friends who had dementia or cognitive decline, who fell with a phone within reach, but, they didn't think to call anyone, not even 911 and they laid there for hours. They simply had no answer why they didn't call for help. There is the kind of emergency alert device that detects if the person wearing it has fallen and gives an automatic alert. So, it would go off if she fell down, but, there are risks with that too. I'm not sure how advanced her dementia is, but, if help arrives and finds a in injured senior, who has dementia, there might be some questions as to why she's there alone and even an investigation as to why she is alone.

I don't know of any particular brands that are preferred. I hope someone will post who does.
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